Sarbanes–Oxley Assistance

Our Sarbanes – Oxley Assistance outsourcing teams conduct audits of our clients’ systems of internal control. This includes operational controls, information systems processing applications and techniques, and the information they produce. The information gathered during these audits forms the basis for our reporting communicated to management, boards of directors, audit committees, or other stakeholders.

Integrated Audits

Once public companies exceed non-accelerated filer status (>$75M in public float), they must have a SOX audit performed by an independent certified public accounting firm authorized by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board as part of an integrated audit of their financial statements. Section 404(b) requires the auditor to attest to and report on management’s assessment of its internal controls.

LerroSarbey will work with your management to assess the effectiveness of the internal controls of issuers, to ensure that your company’s financial data is accurate, and to determine if adequate controls are in place to safeguard financial data. If your current internal controls are not SOX compliant, our auditors have the experience and knowledge to help you get there.

Outsourcing Solutions

for companies that do not have the internal staffing or experience to comply with the SOX Section 404 regulations, LerroSarbey provides reliable and cost-effective SOX advisory and outsourcing solutions.

Our SOX Compliance professionals can:

  • Determine if your current internal controls are SOX compliant.
  • Provide management with remediation recommendations to become compliant.
  • Provide the required management-level internal controls.
  • Provide system documentation and risk assessment.
  • Perform required annual management-level testing/monitoring of controls.
  • Coordinate SOX Section 404 compliance activity with your external financial statement auditors.
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We provide a full spectrum of services for individuals, businesses, organizations, and municipalities.

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