Business Continuity Management

Implementing an effective Business Continuity Management (“BCM”) program can mean the difference between your organization smoothly navigating versus faltering during a crisis situation.

Organizations face an array of disasters and unplanned incidents that can result in disruptions to business operations, including:

Whenever possible, in addition to communicating the results of the testing procedures, upon completion of our testing, we recommend cost-effective suggestions for improvement for management to consider.

LerroSarbey’s approach to BCM includes a comprehensive system of processes for prevention and recovery to manage potential threats to an organization, to include:

  • Establishing BCM policies and procedures
  • Performing Business Impact Analysis to identify critical business services, supporting resources, and recovery time objectives
  • Assessing business continuity risks & selection of cost-effective mitigation strategies
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning and testing

An effective well-designed BCM program helps your organization:

  • Avoid risk through identification and implementation of targeted strategies aimed at mitigating threats to critical business services.
  • Minimize impact to business operations when a crisis or critical incidents occurs.
  • Reduce cost and duration of a disruption.
  • Protect your brand and reputation.
  • Increase customer and business partner confidence in your business.
  • Comply with regulatory standards and guidelines.
  • Even save lives during natural disasters or other dangerous events.

The LerroSarbey team of professionals bring knowledge and flexibility, skill and responsiveness to your business continuity challenges. We combine years of business and technical experience and use advanced techniques and approaches to provide BCM services tailored to meet your organization’s unique profile – by getting to know our clients and their business we provide insightful solutions aligned with business value to drive your success.

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