IT Risk Management

Information Technology has become so integrated into our personal and professional lives that it touches upon almost everything we do. IT Risk Management “IRM” assesses the policies, procedures, and technology an organization adopts to reduce the threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences that could arise if data is not protected from malicious actors.

Does My Organization Need IT Risk?

If a company relies on Cloud Services Providers “CSPs” and/or if vendors access your information for any reason, then the company needs IT Risk Management. IRM puts in place policies, procedures, and technologies that a company needs to mitigate threats from malicious actors and reduce information technology vulnerabilities that negatively impact data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

But you can’t prepare for risk without first identifying it. Therefore, companies must be alert to uncovering and recognizing any risks, then detailing them by explaining how they might impact the project and outcomes. The LerroSarbey IT Risk Management team has the expertise to identify, analyze, evaluate, and respond to IT Risk and then continue to monitor and review risk to minimize the chance of data breaches.


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