Internal audits provide an unbiased, independent review of systems, business organizations and processes, and information technology to identify problems and restore processes and controls to a business’ stated objectives and standards.

Outsourcing and co-sourcing internal audit functions are valuable and cost-effective solutions because they allow your organization to employ a temporary staff of experienced and educated audit experts to perform objective analysis and tests and issue impartial reports and recommendations. The benefits of which include:

An independent and unbiased “fresh set of eyes” outside of the organization to provide an objective assessment.
Identification of sensitive issues that an internal auditor may be hesitant to address.
No need to hire permanent staff or train existing staff
More cost- and time-effective by not tying up internal resources and staff for audits.
Better internal response and acceptance of findings and opportunities for improvement.

LerroSarbey Services

Outsourcing and co-sourcing arrangements means you have access to LerroSarbey’s seasoned experienced audit professionals and resources without the expense and effort of hiring, training and managing an in-house team.

Full Outsourcing – A full scope, risk-focused internal audit plan outsourced to LerroSarbey. We provide a designated in-house contact who reports to your Audit Committee or Board of Directors and acts as the liaison with LerroSarbey.

Co-Sourcing – Adopts a similar overall approach as the full outsourcing model, but the execution of the audit plan is shared between LerroSarbey and members of your business. Typically, the SLK team manages the specialized and technical areas such as computer security auditing, special investigations, and financial or operational auditing.

Assessment of an established BCM program to validate alignment with industry best practice and identify areas for improvement
Establishing a new BCM program or recasting an existing program


LerroSarbey auditing professionals are experienced in gold-standard methodology and armed with latest technology to perform successful audits. They are knowledgeable in current regulations and requirements to keep you in compliance. And they are experienced in various business fields so they understand best practices and can effectively communicate their findings and recommendations – both verbally and in reports – to your audit committee, board of directors, or with management.